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About RAAS

RAAS RIGHTS established this resource to provide on-line information about the Management Rights industry in Australia. Particularly in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. It is aimed primarily at newcomers seeking sound advice on investing in the management rights industry, But it is also beneficial to experienced managers looking for up-to-date information on how the industry is faring.

Our Values

RAAS Group started out in 2002 as a very small tight-knit group of professionals with a common purpose. Initially it was a small business but with pronounced "family values". As we evolved into the huge, widely spread organization we are today, we also sought to protect that feeling of being a "family company" with good old fashioned "family ethos"! Our staff prioritize decisions that promote and protect the future of the group which, in turn, ensures a company culture second to none. We have strength in our size, but retain a small business service ethic!

Our History

The RAAS Group began as RAAS Real in 2002 on the Sunshine Coast. It was originally designed to give onsite management the ability to protect their rental pool content by being able to sell properties on behalf of their owners. By 2003, RAAS had expanded of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. It had also become a major force in the sales of management rights businesses. Today, RAAS employs almost 400 sales consultants in various kinds of residential complexes across Queensland with more than another 20 specialist advisers handling the sales of management rights across Australia.

Our Aim

Our aim is simple - to maintain our position as the number one promoter of professionalism in management rights industry. We assist onsite managers; we advise onsite managers; we help onsite managers buy their businesses; and we help onsite managers sell their business. Our aim is to ensure every onsite mangers feels he has somewhere to turn to for advice when problems arise in his/her management rights business.

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