Selling - Why Deal with RAAS Rights?

RAAS RIGHTS can offer the management rights seller a whole world of difference and benefits that our competitors simply cannot match.The RAAS Group is possibly the first agency in Australia that was designed from its web site upwards. That is, the benefits of the Internet were not something that was just tagged onto an existing structure. Rather our web site was designed to accommodate the specific demands of the industry and our physical structure was designed around the Internet. It is because of the unique structure of RAAS RIGHTS that our sales representatives can provide you with all the services of a full real estate office wherever you or they might be situated.

1. RAAS RIGHTS has a proven track record of selling management rights of all classes and all sizes in every location in Queensland. When dealing with RAAS RIGHTS you are dealing with people who have an intimate knowledge and understanding of the industry. Success leads to success and so RAAS RIGHTS always has a good range of quality management rights businesses for sale.

2. Today, Internet Marketing is king and RAAS RIGHTS has, without doubt, the most effective and popular marketing and information website in the industry at This site not only serves to help educate you about this exciting industry, but allows you to register your interest and opt in to recieve regular newsletters called the RAAS Report that sets out industry changes and items of specific interest.

3. Our web site is not just an industry brochure site that displays listings and information. It has been designed so that our consultants can log into a "Virtual RAAS RIGHTS office" while anywhere in Australia or the world and access all the relevant information required. This makes our staff the most accessible in their field.

4. In designing the original site, and the 4 iterations since, we took the decision to display comprehensive information about the property for sale. This decision has been extraordinarily well received by genuine buyers who regularly comment that they only look on our site because the others “tell them nothing”. If you have visited competing sites you will already be well aware of this difference.

5.As well as our own market industry website you can also access our listings on Australia's major property portals;;; If a complex is of a small size that might appeal to someone looking for a unit with a small ancillary income, the listings will also be placed on; and

6. Some owners are in a position to display photos of their complex for sale and when this happens the RAAS RIGHTS site will display this listing on a specific feature web page within the RAAS RIGHTS web site.

7. As well as this extensive internet marketing, your can find RAAS RIGHTS listings in our regular press advertisements placed weekly in the Courier Mail, Gold Coast Bulletin and Sunshine Coast Daily. Additionally ads are placed each month in the management rights magazine, Resort News. These ads are supplemented by regular additional ads in The Melbourne Age, The Adelaide Advertiser, The New Zealand Herald, The Press (NZ) and The Dominion Post (NZ)

8. RAAS RIGHTS was the founding broker/member of RMEG (Resident Managers Education Group) This group also comprises members of the Legal, Accountancy and Finance industries who gather together every quarter to conduct seminars for potential new entrants to the management rights industry. These seminars are conducted in Brisbane, Gold Coast and in New Zealand. Many intending entrants to the industry get their first insights into the possibility through RMEG seminars.

9. As well as registering in the RAAS RIGHTS site for regular newsletters, buyers can register to receive automatic email alerts about new listings that meet their criteria. Buyers are able to register the locations of interest, size of the managers unit, types of management rights and price ranges into the system, and have it automatically alert them of new opportunities.

10. In the same system, buyers can save the results of past searches of interest for future reference and can log in and change these preferences and unsubscribe from the service as well. This way our system is working for you 24 hours a day right around the world.

11. Regardless of the effectiveness of the Internet, at the end of the day, it is the quality of the sales consultants that determine whether a sale is made or not. RAAS RIGHTS has a large team of proven industry professionals with a stunning track record of success. In most every case these sales people has either owned management rights, still own management rights, or have a prior work history in some related industry field.

12. RAAS RIGHTS currently has a team of 30 sales consultants who are based in Brisbane, on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts and Cairns. We cover the entire Queensland coast and down to Northern New South Wales.

13. Because of the large volume of sales made by RAAS RIGHTS consultants, RAAS RIGHTS is always up-to-date with current market values. RAAS RIGHTS consultants can back up their opinion of market worth with ACTUAL comparable sales evidence, not guesswork. Because there is no central register of business sales, as exists for property sales, buyers will find access to this information invaluable to their investment decisions.

14. RAAS RIGHTS sister firm in the RAAS Group – RAAS Real Estate – employs some 350 current on-site managers as registered but casual real estate salespeople. This gives RAAS the greatest interaction with management rights practitioners of any firm in the industry. No one knows the management rights industry from the inside like RAAS. New entrants to the industry are encouraged to add this extra line of income and business control by becoming a RAAS "member", whether or not they buy through RAAS RIGHTS.

15. RAAS RIGHTS is a respected market leader and is well acquainted with all other leading professionals in the fields of law, accounting and finance. If there is a problem with some aspect of your purchase, RAAS RIGHTS can either assist directly or at least advise on where to seek the solution.

16. RAAS RIGHTS has produced a handy set of hints for buyers which can help new entrants and old, successfully find their way through the maze that is a management rights purchase. Ask your RAAS RIGHTS consultant for a copy.

17. RAAS RIGHTS employs an experienced team of administration staff to ensure sales contracts are prepared correctly, then administered correctly all the way to completion.

18. RAAS RIGHTS are members of the peak industry bodies, REIQ (Real Estate of Queensland) and ARAMA (Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association) This association not only assists us to remain involved and educated in Industry matters, but also binds us to a very specific Ethical code of conduct.

19. We have learned from many years of experience that a salespersons job is not to "sell" but to "match". If you have a genuine interest in buying, all the high pressure tactics adopted by some, will not encourage you to buy something that does not suit. Our staff appreciate this, so they see their main task in determining your requirement in the first instance, and then endeavouring to match that requirement to the range of management rights businesses available for sale.

20. Last but not least, RAAS RIGHTS strives to be the most honest, ethical and helpful broker in management rights. Our market leadership suggests we are on the right track.

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