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At RAAS we live and breathe all things Management Rights. We rekon it’s the best way to work, invest and play.

If you’re considering buying Management Rights, why should you buy through the team here at RAAS?

We could go on and on about how long we have been doing this or that we were once just like you – looking for the best way to buy management rights ourselves. But to be honest we would rather talk about you.

If you have been considering buying Management Rights you are probably looking for a way to secure a great future, while also getting more down-time; attaining a better life-work balance.

You might have read about how owning your own Management Rights business is a great way to achieve this, or perhaps someone you know if already living that dream of yours. Perhaps you came along to one of our information sessions.

Regardless, you’re on track to making a great decision and even if we don’t get the chance to work with you, we know you’ll love it and we wish you the best.

Management Rights come in all shapes and sizes. Small complexes of holiday let rentals on the Gold Coast – larger town house complexes in Brisbane’s west. Hotels and resorts. We have been helping people buy Management Rights of all shapes and sizes for a long time and to say that we have learnt from those thousands of experiences is an understatement.

We have also bought and sold our own Management Rights and experienced what you are going through first hand.

So what it is that you are wanting to achieve in buying Management Rights? Check out our quick “Reverse engineer your future with Management Rights” consultation form here.

Here are FIVE reasons why we will and can help you like no other Management Rights broker.

  1. Last year, 2016, we worked with hundreds of buyers and sellers. We helped them to shape their futures and realise their potential. They chose us, because we have a proven track record.

  2. You can find every one of our opportunities right here on this website – go check them out! No secret deals, no off-market secret deals saved up for those rainy days – just straight up, direct to you, opportunities you need to consider.

  3. You want data – and we believe in empowering buyers like you with as much information as we can. If you can’t find it on this site then let us know and we will get that snippet of information to you. The more information you have, the better your decision will be. Happy buyers make the best clients so we want to keep you happy!

  4. You can stay informed - If we don’t have anything right now that wets your appetite you can reach out to us, register your interest and WE WILL keep in touch. No hollow promises here, we love what we do and we can’t wait to be of help.

  5. Match makers not deal makers – helping you find the type of opportunity that is right for you is our goal. We have learnt from years and years of experience that our primary task is to ask questions, listen to your answers and match you with the best opportunity.

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