About Us

Hello. Welcome to RAAS. The RAAS Group has been a part of the real estate industry since 2002 and has evolved to be one of the largest Management Rights specialists in Australia. But we are so much more than just specialists. Our extended service offering includes:

  • RAAS management rights
  • RAAS Care
  • RAAS Motels
  • RAAS Real Estate
  • RAAS Special Projects

The RAAS Group began as RAAS Real Estate in 2002 on the Sunshine Coast. It was originally designed to give onsite managers the ability to preserve their rental/letting pool by being able to sell properties on behalf of their owners. By 2003, RAAS had expanded to Brisbane and the Gold Coast and it had also become a major force in the sales of Management Rights businesses.

Today, there are close to 400 RAAS members, sales consultants working with owners and renters in a great selection of residential complexes all over Australia. With a strong presence across Queensland and Northern New South Wales RAAS is currently expanding into other states and territories of Australia with a team of another 20 specialist advisers handling the Management Rights sales.