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RAAS as Advertiser Only for Rentals not Agent

N.B. RAAS Real Estate does not conduct a rentals division in our own right. The properties shown as for rent on this site are rentals managed by a broad range of independant Restricted Letting Agents in managed apartment complexes throughout Queensland.
RAAS Real Estate was established to give on site managers in holiday and permanent complexes the ability to legally sell units within their complexes. Managers who align with RAAS, (RAAS Members) all run their own individual property management businesses and RAAS has determined that it will not compete with them in this capacity. As a result RAAS does not conduct a property management business in its own right. Instead RAAS has created a facility to assist its members to promote their rentals through the RAAS site. While we make every endeavour to ensure that the rental information on this site is correct, we take no responsibility for it. All rental listings are uploaded by the relevant on site manager. All rental enquiries will be directed to the relevant RAAS member and all your dealings relating to rentals will be directly with that on site manager in their capacity as a resident letting agent.  That said, please take advantage of the rental facilities provided on this site and remember to register for the Auto Alert email on rental availability. 



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