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Selling - Why Deal with RAAS?

Every owner wants the “Optimal Outcome” when the time comes to sell their unit. This comprises  
- The best price available.
- The least aggravation during the sale.
- A sale as quickly as possible.
- To deal with a professional they know they can trust
- Minimal marketing costs
Selling through RAAS gives you this and much more, the unique benefits of the very clever RAAS system.
 To achieve the optimal outcome every owner needs the point set out below: Using the RAAS system of qualified and legally aligned On Site Managers working to sell your unit, every point is satisfied.

1. The salesperson and agency give the owner’s property top priority.
RAAS members generally only sell in their own complex, so the listings they have are their only sales  priority.
2. The salesperson has a database of people who have expressed a prior interest in property in the owner’s complex. The people RAAS members have in their buyer database are interested specifically in buying units in THIS complex. RAAS managers therefore recommend advertising as a last resort, not a definite upfront cost.
3. The salesperson is able to facilitate inspections to suit the buyer.
The RAAS member generally lives on site and knows all the tenants personally in permanent complexes and knows the vacancy periods in resort complexes.  Because of this, RAAS members are better positioned than outside agents to facilitate inspections.
4. The salesperson can immediately put the buyer at ease by demonstrating an intimate knowledge of the property for sale.
No one else knows the complex as intimately as the manager. I doubt there is a question that a buyer will ask about the complex that the RAAS member cannot answer.
5. The owners are comfortable dealing with the salesperson, can rely on them to keep them informed and have  proven they can act in the owners best interest.  In almost every case the owner will already deal with the manager/salesperson either in the capacity of appointed property manager or will know them in their capacity as manager/caretaker of the building. In either capacity the manager/salesperson will already have established themselves as a party who can be trusted to look after the sellers interests. Dealing with your manager/RAAS member means you will not be dealing with a stranger.
6. The maximum numbers of existing buyers in the marketplace are made aware of the availability of your property.
RAAS members will place the listing on
www.raas.com.au and the 2 main Internet portals, www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au at no initial cost to the owner. As soon as they list the property they will contact all parties on their buyer register and all existing owners in the complex. They also have access to the database of buyers compiled across the entire RAAS network. In the event an outside agent has a potential buyers RAAS has not sourced, members  are happy to conjunct  where necessary.

For owners to achieve the "Optimal Outcome” we recommend that they extend their Manager/RAAS member,  an exclusive agency appointment and give them access to the tools necessary to secure a sale as soon as possible.



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