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Buying - Why Deal with RAAS?


You have decided to buy some real estate. You know roughly what type of property you want the approximate price range and where you would like to buy. The next decision is not only how to find the property itself, but how to choose the right  salesperson and agency to help.

I trust the questions and answers below assist you to make the rights decision and that you will appreciate the unique benefits of dealing with a RAAS salesperson.
1. Is the salesperson aligned with a reputable agency?

RAAS was established in 2002 by 3 highly regarded Queensland Real Estate professionals. They have a combined 100 years of real esatate experience. For more information on the directors, go to the Directors Profiles under the "About Us" tab. RAAS is a member of the Real Estate Institue of Queelsland (REIQ) and subscribes to the Institutes high standards of ethical and business behaviour.

2. Can I trust the salesperson to be truthful?

This is possibly one of the major benefits of dealing with a RAAS salesperson. There will not be the slightest temptation for the RAAS salesperson to make exaggerated claims about a unit, if for no other reason than they will have an ongoing relationship with the new owner, managing the unit for them after the sale settles. The RAAS "salesperson" doesn't disappear after the sale, they will be dealing with you week in week out in their other capacity as on site manager.

3. Can I trust the salesperson to know the product intimately?

Every RAAS Real Estate representative is also the on site property manager who has purchased the rights to manage either a resort complex or one dedicated to permanent tenants. Of the properties they have for sale, 99% will be in the complex they manage, with the occasional listing taken in a complex nearby.By buying through RAAS Real Estate you will be dealing with the undisputed expert on that complex, the on site manager. The on site manager / RAAS salesperson has a substantial financial interest in the complex, owning the management business as well as a unit in the complex itself.

 4. Will the salesperson be able to facilitate inspections easily into properties that are generally tenanted?

Every sales agent has a legal obligation to ensure that holiday guests or permanent tenants are not unnecessarily disturbed. However only the RAAS salesperson has a personal association with these occupiers and/or knows when properties will be vacant. This ensures that access for inspections is usually that much easier through RAAS.

5. Will the agent remember to contact me when appropriate but not bother me unnecessarily?

As the units in the managers own complex are likely to be the only properties a RAAS salesperson has for sale, then they will only make contact with you when a unit meets your requirement.  When you are resistered as a buyer, the RAAS system sends you an auto alert email about properties that match your stated criteria. You are able to log in and unsubscribe from these emails or change the criteria that generates the alerts.

6. Can I trust the agent not to use high pressure tactics.
Sales are not their bread and butter income for RAAS members, but just part of the additional service they offer the owners in their complex. Truth be known, most managers would just as likely prefer an owner did not sell. If an owner decides to list with the RAAS member you will find yourself dealing with a very low pressure salesperson who will give you the unvarnished facts about a property for sale. 

7. How accessible is the agent? Will they be contactable when I need them?

In 99% of cases the RAAS salesperson will be living on site at the address of the property they have for sale. How much more accessible can you get?
So with RAAS Real Estate you do not deal with a property salesperson from a typical real estate agency , nor do you have to trust doing business with a marketeer who comes to town with an investment seminar. Instead every RAAS Real Estate sales representative is also the on site property manager who has purchased the rights to manage the complex in which you are considering an investment. That just has to give you some peace of mind.

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