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Directors Profiles

 Mike Butler
Brisbane Licensee

 Mike commenced his real estate career in Brisbane in 1980, after a long and distinguished career in the travel industry. He soon headed up one of the most dynamic residential real estate offices in Brisbane’s Northern suburbs. Mike is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, a General Auctioneer, and has served on the Arbitration Panel of the REIQ.

As well as directing an award winning residential team, Mike became involved in project marketing, property development and ultimately found the management rights industry. After selling his interest in the residential franchise business, Mike purchased and ran a large management rights complex on Brisbane’s Southside. Once he bedded the business down, he combined his past sales experience with his knowledge of the management rights industry established to start a new role as specialist management rights broker with a Gold Coast agency.

With his vast real estate experience and first hand industry knowledge, Mike has developed a reputation as one of Queensland's leading authorities in this specialist field of real estate.
Contact: Moble 0418 157 113  mike@raas.com.au

 Rusty Lush
Gold Coast Licensee
After a lengthy stint in various rural endeavours, including as owner operators of grazing interests in South Australia and South Western Queensland, Russell (Rusty) Lush, opted for a complete lifestyle change, and in the mid 1980's moved to the Gold Coast to start his real estate career. Russell was advised to keep his "bushy" nickname of Rusty, as it would set himself apart from the rest. He need not have bothered, because the straight forward honest approach to business that he carried over from his days on the land, was enough in itself to set him apart.

Rusty's straight forward approach soon saw him achieving great things  both as a top property sales person and the owner of his own real estate agency.  Rusty’s forte was Project marketing. He sold throughout Asia and New Zealand and established one of the most high profile project marketing firms on the Gold Coast - not bad for a boy from rural    South Australia.
As a result of his project marketing endeavours, Rusty discovered the benefits of then relatively new concept of management rights. He sold his agency and began his on going involvement as owner operator of numerous permanent and resort complexes in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and in North Queensland. Rusty is still rightly regarded an expert in the management rights field.
                                     Contact: Mobile 0416 161 831 rusty@raas.com.au

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